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URA's  TAMs -                                                               Therapy Art-Mats:
The Healing Art of Randy Colon (since 2004).

These unique mats harness the evolving energy of Mama URA, capturing a moment in the history of the game at its highest power. Each mat features Randy Colon's dynamic artwork, infused with hidden codes, Latin words, and mystical numbers that unlock vibrational healing. Discover the secret message and receive a prayer, ensuring that every practice is a powerful journey towards mental and spiritual wellness.

Pledge from Mama URA: Each Uranian Therapy Art Mat is uniquely created by the hands of Dolph, also known as Randy Colon, infused with the energy of Mama URA. We pledge our dedication to the POWER of Source and our continued commitment to teaching The Science of Source. All profits from these mats will be used to develop Dolph's 888 Fitness Balance Academy - the F.I.T. Ministry, dedicated to teaching how to FEEL INFREQUENT TRAUMA (TROUGH) or Negativity from Wave-particle through energy, also known as URAnian.

Mama URA's Healing Energy:

Feel the profound energy of Mama URA with each mat, uniquely created to enhance your spiritual wellness.

Hidden Messages:

Discover secret codes, Latin words, and mystical numbers that unlock deep vibrational healing.

Therapeutic Design:

Experience the therapeutic benefits of the mat's design, promoting mental and spiritual balance.

Dynamic Artwork:

Each mat features Randy Colon's evolving art, capturing a powerful moment in the history of 8•8•8 the game of life.

Unique Center Message:

Every mat includes a changing central message, offering over 53 unique healing therapy messages to collect.

Support a Noble Cause:

All profits support Dolph's 888 Fitness Balance Academy, dedicated to teaching the Science of Source.


Purple Eyeshadow

Maggie S.

"At first, I was like this is BS, but after 3 weeks of use I just FEEL BETTER! The power of belief? No? I love it!"
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