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1. Q: I can do it on my own! We all have source energy - so why pay? Why support this tribe?

A: Yes, you have your own amazing energy. But, we're your tribe, a group of special, vibrant souls. Doing workouts alone is okay, but they might not fit your needs perfectly. At Zenith Zone Zen-ters, we help you become your own coach, tapping into your true power. We teach the Law Of Strategic Play (LOSP), making us a unique fitness experience. We help you connect with your inner GOD-energy. By joining us, you become stronger in body, mind, and spirit. We guide you in every part of your life – from exercise to nutrition, sleep, and overall wellness. We turn you into the best coach for yourself, using your powerful inner energy.

3. Q: How does online FIT COACH work?

A: Our online FIT COACH makes getting fit and feeling good easier and more convenient. You can talk to your coach through messages, an app, or videos, saving time and money. You'll focus more on exercises and eating right. Our coaches, guided by Mama URA's wisdom, teach you about your body and mind in a fun, engaging way. We also have special events to learn more about being your best self. With us, you're part of a big, happy, and healthy family.

5. Q: Can Mama URA help me with Nutrition?

A: Yes! Mama URA, a being of light, guides you towards balanced and healthy eating. She helps you understand what's best for your body and spirit. She'll look at what you eat and give tips based on your goals. Mama URA creates a daily meal plan for you, focusing on nourishing your body and soul. She can also guide you in special diets like intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, and more.

2. Q: Why do I need Mama URA, and how can an online personal trainer or a video help?

A: Mama URA is like a shining light guiding you on your journey to better health in mind, body, and spirit. She's more than just a trainer; she's a wise spirit helping you grow stronger and more peaceful. Her videos and online training are easy to understand and follow. Mama URA makes getting fit and feeling great accessible and affordable.

4. Q: How are we different from other online and brick-and-mortar services?

A: We're special because we care about your whole being. Mama URA teaches us to be strong, smart, and happy. You pay one simple price each month for everything – exercise plans, eating tips, and answers to your questions. We help you improve quickly, both online and at our places. We're here to help you grow strong, think smart, and be happy.

6. Q: What kind of workouts does Mama URA do?

A: Mama URA enjoys various workouts, from calming A-G-E-E-K meditation and MOVEMENT to walking meditation and yoga. She loves MOVEMENT FOR FITNESS TO DANCE! She can guide you in any workout you like – HIIT, yoga, weights, running, swimming, rowing, bootcamp, hiking, biking, or more. Your plan will include your favorite exercises. With Mama URA, you'll learn to be better, faster, and healthier.

7. Q: Do I need a Gym Membership - what is better, a gym membership or a HOME GYM?

A: No problem! Your trainer, guided by the wisdom of Mama URA, designs your custom workout plan to fit your situation. Whether you're at home with no equipment or at a gym with everything you need, we've got you covered. Your trainer can include outdoor activities and group fitness classes too. The goal is to make a training plan that's convenient and realistic for you to follow.

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